#9 Hexagons is back.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

It might look too heroic this pose but that’s how I felt at the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after being a year confined at home in New York focusing on being physically and mentally healthy. I’m so grateful for having such encouraging friends, and so proud for being able to go back to HEXAGONS. It wasn’t easy to place the hexagon at the shore because the waves kept taking it away too soon. I loved the struggle of this hexagon with the sea. No matter how many hurricanes or pandemics come our way, or how many loved ones departure, we do have inner strength to keep going.

Hexagons Blog was born on Thanksgiving day 2018. I said then that it would be a place where inspiration was allowed, and committed to write an entry per month. And I did so until my beloved sister found out that she had cancer. The last entry that she read was “#8 Unconditional Love is a Source of Inspiration”. She died three months later and, after that, I was unable to write. It was a challenge to suddenly be the only child. Then Coronavirus hit with all its consequences.

During this time I would re-read my own posts to try to inspire myself. And here I am. Back. Almost two years later I am proud to be able to write and paint again.

Even in unbearable distress, pain and confusion, we can manage to feel ourselves, and wiser. Join me. Read this blog. Participate and encourage many others to keep feeling alive.

Gema Álava, March 2021

Published by Gema Alava

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