Whithin the project Hexagons, was born the first series of paintings entitled Constellations.

Constellations (2018) is a series of 12 mixed media paintings inspired by the chemical structure of 12 pheromones that a Queen Bee uses to protect her beehive. Each molecule is drawn as a hexagon, and each hexagon can be transformed in a star. In total there are 102 hexagons distributed in 12 constellations.

These 102 hexagons represent 102 stories of people or places where a hexagon has been placed worldwide since 2017 at different geographic locations.

En el marco del proyecto Hexágonos, nació la primera serie de pinturas titulada Constelaciones.

La serie Constelaciones (2018) consiste en 12 lienzos inspirados en la estructura química de 12 feromonas que utiliza una Abeja para proteger a su colmena. Cada molécula está representada en forma de hexágono, y cada hexágono se transforma en estrella. En total hay 102 hexágonos distribuidos en 12 constelaciones.

Estos 102 hexágonos representan 102 historias de personas o lugares donde se ha colocado un hexágono desde 2017 en diversas partes de mundo.

Constellation 0, 2018

It is possible to elevate the hexagons from the floor to the sky in the shape of golden molecular constellations.

Gema Álava

Es posible elevar los hexágonos del suelo al cielo en forma de constelaciones moleculares doradas.

Gema Álava

Constellations combines elements of astronomy, chemistry, psychology and geometry.

Constellations creates metaphors for the pheromones for flight, the power of artists, and the unity of empathetic systems.

Regardless how defeated they seem to be, Constellations lifts up run-over gold hexagons from the floor to the sky.

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