#1. Inspiration is sometimes pure synchronicity.

Blog – Entry #1. Photograph by Edgar Dávila Soto

Sometimes inspiration is nothing more than the ability to recognize a synchronicity. Still, you need to keep your eyes open for this to happen since both negative and positive thoughts come from the same jar: from that vessel that is our feverish or cold-like-a-frozen-lake-mind.

It’s said that a writer doesn’t write for others but for himself. Why? Maybe it’s for the same reason that we applaud in crowds, not in empty rooms.

I’ve challenged myself to find inspiration each day in the smallest things that surround me. Maybe this way I’ll find an order (or a logic) that confirms that—even when we are living in an “end of the world era”—it is important to look for meaning and to fight for that which we love, even if we love a moody cloud: now a nimbus, now a cirrus, now mist.

We cannot afford to faint, a poet friend told me when I mentioned that I didn’t want to cross desserts barefoot anymore when sand burns.

Today, at my daughter’s school, I was inspired by the applause of the parents during the Holiday Performance. They applauded as if with each clap a regret was shaken off their hands. They were enjoying the moment and I wanted to record that sound in my mind for it to be the soundtrack of this blog; because the applause inside schools boosts the potential of children who believe they can become who they want to be.

Let no one or nothing ever take that away from us: the desire to love and the desire to be ourselves with all our potential whether we are on top or below a stage.

Let’s flow then.

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